ProSoft Technology serves the automation industry's communications and specialized applications needs with high quality products, application expertise’s, and technical support. With our home office in Bakersfield, California, ProSoft is committed to providing localized sales and support to our customer worldwide.
Development of ProSoft's first product was begun in 1988 under contract to Allen-Bradley. This initial firmware solution provided Modbus Slave communications for the PLC platform.

Formally incorporated in 1990, by 1993, ProSoft had developed an extensive protocol library which helped them evolve from a single product company to a multiple product provider. Since then, ProSoft has become a major supplier of communication products for the industrial automation industry. Facilitated by our extremely active product development program and customer recognition of our product quality, our product lines have grown to over 400 communication modules supporting more than 50 different protocols , as well as our new RadioLinx product line of industrial wireless communication solutions. Our evolution has positioned ProSoft Technology as a world leader in network communication solutions.

As part of our ongoing efforts to solve our customer's communication needs, we are continually adding new products to our catalogs. The ProSoft team quickly develops solutions based on industry requirements and customer requests. Each product reflects our commitments and adamant desire to be known for excellence. Excellence that extends beyond the quality of our products to our protocol and network expertise and to our industry-leading technical support. We are dedicated to resolving your industrial communication challenges.

Where Automation Connects
More connectivity options, easier migration and expanded flexibility for Rockwell Automation platforms and networks. ProSoft offers four distinct product lines for your industrial communications needs:

Protocol Interfaces
In-chassis interface modules family for Allen-Bradley control platforms ControlLogix,
PLC-5, SLC-500, FLEX-I/O, FLEXLogix, CompactLogix and SCANport/Drives. Solutions
include protocol interface modules, in-rack PCs, and flow computers.

Protocol Interfaces
In-chassis protocol and open solutions for Schneider Electric's Quantum Processors that allow Quantum/Unity processors to communicate directly with foreign devices and networks. The module's powerful backplane connectivity allows the easy integration of communication protocols to the Quantum platform.

Protocol Gateways
Stand-alone, DIN-rail mounted, industrial Gateways offer communication solutions between Rockwell Automation (Allen-Bradley), Schneider Electric, Siemens, Field Instrumentation, Ethernet, and Serial networks.

Wireless Communication
Family of industrial serial and Ethernet wireless radios. Unlicensed 2.4 GHz, Frequency Hopping Spred Spectrum and Industrial Hotspot wireless modems.