Enterprise Resource Planning
ERP Integrates internal & external management information across an entire organization, embracing finance/accounting, manufacturing, sales and service, etc.

ERP-MES Integration
compile to ISA-95
or compile to IEC-62264

Manufacturing Execution System
MES Tracking information of your process from raw material supplier to end products. Divided to 4 main operations of Production, Quality, Logistics and Maintenance. MES contain information of every second of every process, all data of quality control, data and corrective action, etc.. It is the main tool of qualified manufacturer to control quality of product and guarantee International Standard Certification.

Industrial Control System Level 2
Supervisory Control And Data Acquisiton refer to but not limited to:
- Operation Performance
- Quality Control (QC)
- Statistic Process Control (SPC)
- Batch Management (ISA-88)
- Relational Industrial DataBase
- Plant Data Historian & Trend
- Human Machine Interface (HMI)
- Alarm & Report

Industrial Control System Level 1
Automation Process Control System refer to but not limited to:
DCS: Distributed Control System
PLC: Programmable Logic Controller
HPC: Hybrid Process Controller
RTU: Remote Terminal Unit

Industrial Control System Level 0
Field Control Equipment
Final Control

     Horizontal System Integration is also the key of engineering success. Sagitate can supply you almost every part & portions of electrical control system composition with qualified knowledgeable staffs and experienced references.

     To integrate system horizontally, the strong basic engineering knowledge is required. Power, overload & short circuit calculation, electronic current Sinking-Sourcing device, PNP-NPN transistor or open collector, pull-up resistor, impedance matching, 2 or 4 wires transmitter, 3 or 4 wires RTD, Thermocouple, high speed pulse, noise & grounding, various sensors & measuring method, various control valve, etc. We have everything required to achieve the effective Horizontal System Integration.

      Sagitate is not production or process know-how supplier. We are really Control Know-How supplier. If you have any process control idea but could not fix them well, we will be there to help you design effective control algorithm and develop actual control instructions. We are extremely good in industrial control applications.

Expert Specialist:
   - PID Loop Tuning & Verification
   - Manufacturing Execution System (MES)
   - Batch Management System (ISA-88)
   - Industrial Communication & Networking

• Interlocking Control (Cause & Effect Matrix)
• Sequence Step Control (Sequential Table)
• Continuous Process Control (Close Loop)
• Batch Process Control
• Discrete Process Control
• Hybrid Process Control
• Safety Emergency Shutdown (ESD)
• Hazardous Area EExi, EExe, EExd
• Food & Beverage
• Health Care Consumer Products
• Construction Material
• Steel & Mining
• Oil & Gas
• Power Plant
• Chemical & Petrochemical
• Pulp & Paper
• Water Supply & Waste Water Treatment
• Electronic & Automotive
• Pharmaceutical & Tobacco

     As an engineering company, Sagitate has demonstrated our company the wide commitment to quality. We pay all our effort to assure you of High Quality Standards in the Design, Development, Fabrication, Testing, Final Inspection, Installation, Service and especially Documentation of our supplied systems. Our designed systems are judged to National Electrical Code & International Quality Control Standards.

     For decades, having been implementing the Total Quality Management (TQM) does increase the reliability of our Automation Control Systems. We really focus on customer's requirement, designing the system, Reviewing and verifying designed system, quality controlling & inspecting to qualification standards. We have completed hundreds of automation control systems with high performance according to our theoretical & cumulative knowledge.

     Vertical System Integration is always the key of engineering success. Sagitate can supply you almost every parts & portions of electrical control system composition with qualified knowledgeable staffs and experienced references. From Top Level Information Technology down to Plant Floor Control.

Main Distribution Board
Motor Control Center
Control Panel
AC/DC drives
Servo & Stepping
Motor, Relays, Valve
Digital Sensors
Control Switch
Auxiliary Contact
Flow, Temperature,
Differential Pressure,
Pressure, Analyser
PH & Conductivity
Field Discrete Devices & Instrumentation