Sagitate (Thailand) Co., Ltd. is one of the most famous leader in control engineering company in Thailand. The company business is in Control System and Instrumentation, Supervisory Computer and Information Management System. In addition to our high quality engineering and installation, Sagitate is also authorized representative for many of the most top famous products of the world.

Wonderware has become the top of industrial software supplier since 1987, when the company introduced InTouch® software, the First Human-Machine Interface (HMI) based on the Microsoft® Windows® operating system. Our leadership in industrial automation and information software, legendary for its ease of use and for providing exceptional integration benefits. From number 1 in the world, Wonderware become number 1 in Thailand as most user and best service support from Sagitate. (more)

PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) is registered trade mark of Allen-Bradley. Branded since 1903, Allen-Bradley today is more than 100 years old company. Since the First PLC in the world,

A-B has never been no.2 in PLC market share, we are always number 1. A-B is the top leader in industrial automation company focused to be the most valued global provider of power and control system. In 1985, A-B become a subsidiary of Rockwell Automation at the cost of US$ 1.651 billion. (more)

A world-recognized manufacturer of rugged electrical, industrial and electronic products since 1922…  Woodhead Industries Inc. (NASDAQ: WDHD) develops, manufactures and markets network and electrical infrastructure products engineered for performance in harsh, demanding and hazardous industrial environments. (more)

ProSoft Technology, Inc. serves the automation industry's communications and specialized applications needs with the highest quality products, application expertise, and technical support. Development of the first product started in 1988, ProSoft Technology has become a major supplier for the Allen-Bradley / Rockwell Automation family of products, with over 100 protocol emulation modules available. Today we are serving the market with highest quality and best design for the following (more)

In-chassis protocol & network solutions for SLC, PLC-5 & Logix Family
In-chassis protocol & network solutions for Quantum (Modicon)
Stand-alone protocal gateways, port expanders & web server
Industrial Hotspot, Serial & Ethernet wireless radios
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Leadership in Integrated Flow Supply and Control Solutions and Systems.
The best Pumps, Flow controllers, Flowmeters, Flow Sensors, Safety Excess
Flow Valves and Pressure Sensing offerings on the Planet from USA. (more)