Conscious realization to customers' trouble is key of service.

     Sagitate is a company of problem solvers and as such we are able to take our client's basic specification and convert them into solutions. In addition to developing and producing the solution, Sagitate offers a highly excellence of support. We are not just only system supplier but we always prepare to support our customers to resolve problems.

      Our engineering team continually upgrade themselves every day. They are not only attention payers. But they are also qualified with international certificate approval. They need to get into standardized engineering examination all the time. This is our internal program to provide our customers with the best engineering you can get.

     If you are in engineering troubles, only Sagitate that realize your suffers. We are very keen to solve your problem at first priority.

Becoming Sagitate's customers, you will find the suite support.
     We are proud of our response up to site within 24 hours.
     We are very keen to actively eliminate your troubles.
     We serve our customers by heart.
          Sagitate Serve You With Our Best Attention.

The Standard Service focus on fast action and qualified performance necessary to deliver top quality service and support. By Standard Service, your production will become more stable, efficient and effective at meeting process needs.

Our Standard Service provide more than a simple quality program. We deliver exceptional service and support. Our TQM provide the algorithm for measuring performance, implementing best practices, actively engaged in enhancing the quality of actual operations and customer satisfaction.

• On call Technical Support is free of charge
• Support available on working time 08.30 - 17.30
• Response to customer's enquiries within 24 hrs. Working day
• On-Site Support within 24 hrs. Working day
   (Depending on availability)

     Enhancing to Standard Service, continuous improvement of operational performance and enhancing customer satisfaction, we provide the Platinum Service to our Platinum Contracted

     To deliver the highest quality professional services, we execute superior criteria to ensure maximizing service capabilities. We continuously improve operational effectiveness and staff capability, analyze best practice to further enhance our platinum service.

The Platinum Service includes, but not limited to,
     Planned Services
     Technology Consulting Services
     Product Consulting & Implementation Services
     Systems Integration Services

• On call Technical Support is free of charge
• Hot Line 24 hrs. x 7 days.
• Response to customer's enquiries within 24 hours
• Emergency Site Support within 24 hours (guaranty)
• Scheduled site visits for minor requirement.
• Special Discount for Site Service Fee.