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December 31,2012
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On 19th. August 1996, while cloud of economic crisis was creeping to Thailand, an 8 years experienced team of Sales & Engineering was confident to start their own business. Sagitate was founded since then...
The Sagitate (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

      The economic crisis attacked Thailand on March 1997 and conquered most parts of Asia. The crisis had been continuing for 5 years and destroyed a lot of weak companies. Even grand firms were swished back & forth.

      With our confidence to provide superior engineering for system automation to our customers, Sagitate has been passed the crisis with satisfactorily impressive performance of growth.

      Though Sagitate was established in 1996, but our team's experiences was started back to 1988. Those experiences are involved in the field of Automation Control Systems for industrial applications.

      As a privately owned company, Sagitate offers many advantages such as rapid decision making and swift conversion of customer's problems into the System Solution.

      This means that Sagitate can respond very quickly to your enquiries with qualified staffs. None of our competitors could serve you as well as we do. If your project is relied on Sagitate, you could close your eyes cheerfully when you go to bed. We are the only one who offer you the Forever Warranty.