Company Profile
Founded in 1981, Malema designs and manufactures measurement and control instruments for abrasive slurries, surfactants and high purity and corrosive chemicals.

Malema Flow Sensor products provide improved process control with the new leading edge technologies for measurement.

Experienced in sensors, electronics, and process instrumentation, Malema incorporates ground breaking state of the art technology into every instrument. Utilizing proven measurement techniques, clean room product assembly, and class 100 work surfaces, our products offer unmatched quality and reliability.

Partnering with other top of their class component manufacturer, Malema offers integrated solutions to fluid delivery and control systems.

Using components in the field of fluid measurement with accuracies that are unmatched by any other supplier, Malema offers world class solutions to extreme design challenges in Slurry and Chemical.

Malema has succeeded in making Peristaltic pumps obsolete from Semiconductor Supply of Slurries to Polishing processes by supporting and succeeding in delivering solution to a premier OEM in this space. Offering reliability, performance, and quick response times, our solutions deliver a new level of process control.

Leading companies in technology driven fields have chosen Malema's components for their critical flow sensor requirements. Malema's reputation for innovative, technical solutions guarantees a continuous supply of our value-enhanced products. Malema's products are based on the proven designs and are manufactured to meet the highest quality standards in semiconductor , medical , laser , biotechnology, water treatment , chemical , and petrochemical industries. Malema excels in customizing flow products for its OEM customers.

All products are manufactured in a quality environment conforms to MIL-I-45208 and MIL-STD-45662.

Our Mission
Malema endeavors to provide its customers with state of the art flow, pressure, and integrated closed loop (with pumping) solutions for their delivery system designs.

We support these endeavors with a large engineering multi-faceted team with specialties in every aspect of fluid delivery. We customize these solutions to match the customers specific requirements.

Our goal is to have a satisfied customer in terms of product or system functionality at a competitive price and timely delivery.

Our Charter
Malema's charter is to provide its customers with an accurate measurement of flow.

We calibrate to ISO 4185 International Standards.

Industrial Products High Purity Products
Oil and Gas, Power, Chemical, and other related industries Semiconductor, Biomedical, Pharmaceutical and other related industries