World-leading MES solutions:

Delivering real-time Manufacturing Operations Management

Lighthouse Systems' Manufacturing Execution System solutions help hundreds of organizations around the world to improve manufacturing performance.

Powerful, web-based modular MES software to optimize manufacturing operations.

Shopfloor-Online MES softwareprovides a broad and flexible platform to support all your Manufacturing Operations Management: Production, Quality, Inventory-logistics and Maintenance. The manufacturing execution system connects with the ERP and plant equipment to provide you with real-time plant information.

Lighthouse Systems offers you MES software with rich, customizable reporting that gives you real-time visibility overall manufacturing operations, enabling you to improve throughput, quality, agility and compliance with ease.

Available in 15 languages and ISA 95 compliant, Shopfloor-Online is a truly powerful modular Manufacturing Execution System that will expand with your business requirements to maximize performance.


  • Improve throughput and quality
  • Enable your enterprise to be more compliant and agile
  • Gain plant visibility with all your manufacturing data in one place


  • Select from 26 modules to build your MES system
  • Evolve your MES system over time to tackle more areas
  • Support all manufacturing operations


  • Consolidate plant applications
  • Integrate seamlessly with the Enterprise Information System
  • Easily roll-out Shopfloor-Online with a web-based solution


Web based
Shopfloor-OnlineTMcan be hosted on your servers or in the cloud and accessed via any web browser.


MES software with a built-in interfacing tool, to build robust and efficient interfaces to your plant equipment, ERP systems, and any other manufacturing applications.


Real-time visibility
MES software that shows the current state of the factory, updated live from all data sources. Report dashboards provide instantaneous alerts to problems and exceptions, for real Smart Manufacturing Intelligence.


The native reporting engine of Shopfloor-Online offers many standard reports that you can adapt to your needs. Reports can be presented in tabular form or charts, in Excel, Word or PDF format, and can be easily emailed or downloaded.


Security and Audit
Secure access to the MES system is controlled through authorized logins and user rights. Transaction logs provide a full audit trail of changes to any data.


The Shopfloor-Online MES system can be run simultaneously on PCs, tablets and rugged mobile devices such as bar code scanners used by operatives or fork-lift truck drivers.


Shopfloor-Online provides an essential building block for the smart factory
The MES platform’s architecture supports the complete digitization of manufacturing operations. It enables smooth roll-out of global operational standards and develops better team collaboration, even more so across multi-site factories.

You can choose to deploy the MES on premise or to host it in the cloud.

Architecture Components

  • The Shopfloor-Online web application, hosted under Microsoft IIS
  • The Shopfloor-Online database, hosted on either Microsoft SQL Server or Oracle
  • The Universal Data Interface (UDI) – an environment for hosting plug-in interface scripts to ERP, other factory applications and complex measurement systems
  • The OPC Client – a built-in OPC Client to collect shop floor data directly from PLCs controlling machines and plant equipment

MES Architecture


MES Modular