Wonderware, a business unit of British-based Invensys plc, was established in April 1987, to develop and market human-machine interface (HMI) software products for use on Personal Computers in industrial and process automation applications.

The founders' design goals were to create object-oriented, graphical tools that adhered strictly to standard  Microsoft Windows®  and provided the ease of use, sophisticated graphics and animation, product performance, quality and reliability previously unavailable in HMI products. That is a visionary pioneer in the software industry.

As the pioneer in the use of Microsoft Windows in the Factory Automation. Wonderware fundamentally changed application development for manufacturing users and transcended the competition to become the leading independent supplier of software for industrial automation.

Wonderware was the first to:

• Offer object-oriented programming for the industrial industry based on the  Microsoft Windows®
• Offer compatibility with Microsoft’s Windows 2.0, 3.11, 95, Windows NT and XP operating systems
• Provide a real-time relational database for the plant floor
• Use Windows NT operating system for PC-based Control
• Offer a tracking product on a Microsoft Windows platform
• Deliver NetDDE to the market, the most popular DDE to link data between Windows    application on LAN.
• Use wizards
• Introduce and ship an integrated suite for the industrial marketplace

The Industry's First Integrated Suite
From the introduction of its flagship HMI product in 1989 until early 1993, we had no Windows-based competition. As other vendors subsequently began offering Windows-based HMI products, Wonderware began a program to develop and offer complementary products that enabled users to handle additional automation tasks. In 1997, the company surpassed its competition by offering its entire product line as a single toolset. This cost-effective bundle of products was modeled after the concept of the Microsoft Office suite of office automation programs. The Wonderware toolset provided the industry's first integrated set of application programs for developing most any application in manufacturing, continuous process and batch industries.

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Since Wonderware's inception, we've earned many awards for our innovative products and technology. See the accolades we've received.
No.1 Software as providing Easy-to-Use, Easy-to-Implement, Easy Configuration, Simplified Maintenance, Unparalleled Security, Unlimited Scalability, Single-Click Software Redundancy, Lower Total Cost of Ownership, Data Collection and Analysis for New and Existing Systems, Easy-to-Use Report Generation, Visualization.

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Wonderware's relationship with Microsoft began in 1987 when Wonderware developed the first industrial HMI based on the Microsoft Windows platform.

In October 2003, Microsoft and Wonderware’s parent company, Invensys plc, announced a strategic alliance to merge Invensys' strengths in process and manufacturing applications and expertise in key industry segments with Microsoft’s platform, technology and enterprise solutions.

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