Network expertise and globally recognized brands.

          Since 1922, Woodhead has provided innovative solutions for challenging industrial environments. Through its world recognized Daniel Woodhead brand, Woodhead offers a comprehensive range of best-in-class electrical products. To further strengthen its value, Woodhead has enhanced its reputation with its ability and willingness to design and produce custom products for real-world applications, both electrical and connectivity.

          Though it's leading connectivity brands, Woodhead also provides a competitive suite of products designed to help you connect the factory floor to the office. Our hardware and software products encompass a diverse group of network protocols including: DeviceNet, Profibus, AS-Interface, CANopen, InterBus, Serial, Ethernet, Data Highway Plus, Modbus Plus and WorldFIP. Customer application are further supported by years of technical network expertise.


          Woodhead is committed to leading the industry with innovative industrial communication and connectivity solutions backed by superior service and technical expertise. A broad range of products facilitates real-world applications that control and monitor factory floor processes and integrate them with management and support systems.

          Woodhead products continue to meet the evolving needs of industry worldwide as factory automation expands
 through open systems. Our industry-leading brands of excellent products make Woodhead the premier independent
supplier of application specific connectivity solutions.

Which solutions range for your industrial needs ?

PC Cards, software and Gateway for industrial networks and fieldbuses
Recommended solution for
• SCADA, HMI and specific development applications
• which require huge CPU capacity
• Systems with large number of I/O Points
• Multi protocol operations
• Use of multiple cards on one computer
• PC cards with their own micro processor for high performance
• Software interface (data servers, development libraries)
• Smart gateways and Internet Web gateway
• Upgrade and maintenance package
• Full technical support
• Additional services: training, engineering, consultancy

• Network Interface Cards
• Gateways
• Communication Software
• Downloads and Tech Support
• Product Registration

Includes :

PC Cards, PLC Modules, Gateways, Diagnostic and Simulation Software
Since 1985, the world's leading companies have trusted SST™ products to provide them with innovative communication technology for industrial networks along with world-class support and service. Our SST technical expert are experienced in over 80 different network protocols.

• 1st in the world to pass PROFIBUS DP Master Conformance Test
• 1st in the world to pass DeviceNet ODVA Conformance Test
• 1st to develop PROFIBUS Multi-slave technology
• 1st Independent Company to develop ControlNet Chip technology

Recommended solution for
• PC-based control systems
• Soft Logic
• Process control systems
• High speed access to process data using open DP RAM
• PC Interface cards
• PLC communication modules
• I/O Simulation Software
• Embedded Protocol stacks


• Network Interface Cards
• PLC Backplane Modules
• Gateways
• Simulation Software
• Diagnostic Tools
• Downloads and Tech Support

Includes :

Components for industrial networks and fieldbuses
Recommended solution for
• SCADA, HMI and specific development
• applications which require less CPU capacity
• PC-based control systems for fieldbuses
• Systems with small number of I/O Points
• PC Interface cards
• Communication software driver
• Data servers (OPC, DAServer, DDE/SuiteLink, ActiveX)
• Simple gateways
• Intelligent connectors
• Diagnostic Tools

• PC Communication Software Interfaces
• PC Network Interface Cards
• Gateways
• Diagnostics

Includes :

Harsh Environment connectors, cord-sets and I/O blocks
Solutions for output device connectivity on the factory floor

Recommended solution for
• All factory floor sensor interconnections
• Network media infrastructure
• Signal diagnostics and troubleshooting
• Active Input and Output devices
• Molded and field attachable cord-sets
• Harsh duty connectors and receptacles
• Certified network media components
• Rugged network I/O blocks

• Connectors & Cordsets
• I/O Blocks
• Diagnostic Tools
Includes :

Industrial Ethernet and Harsh-Duty Datacom Solutions
Recommended solution for
• All factory floor Ethernet interconnections
• Switch and segmenting infrastructure
• Signal diagnostics and troubleshooting
• Active Input and Output devices
• Molded and field attachable cord-sets
• Harsh duty connectors and receptacles
• Certified network media components
• Rugged network switches and I/O blocks

• Connectors, Cordsets, Field Attachables, Receptacles
• Active I/O
• Switches
Includes :
The Evolution of Power Distribution
Round Quick-disconnect systems for power distribution
• No conduit needed
• Lower your installation costs
• shorten commissioning time
• modular, flexible, scaleable and code-compliant wiring solutions
• Certified power media components
• Trunk/Feeder Cordsets rated 10 AWG cable, up to 30A, 600V AC/DC.
• Drop/Branch Cordsets 14 or 16 AWG cable, up to 13A, 600V AC/DC.
• Tees and Reducing Adaptors for establishing wiring topology.
Includes :

The world's leading connecter for field equipment plug-and-play solution.
Valves, Solenoid, Pressure, Flow Switches or Coils
• EN 175301-803 (DIN 43650) Connectors and Cordsets
• Field attachable with protective circuit and LED indication.
• Reliable and robust quick-disconnect
• Hydraulic and pneumatic de facto standard
• Designed to upgrade existing systems or to reduce assembly time

• DIN Field-Attachable Valve Connectors
• Lighted Circuit Adaptors with protective circuit and LED
• Single- and Double-ended Cordsets
• DIN Bases, Switches and Sensori
• Circular Connectors and Splitters
• Plug-in Modules and Junior Timer
• Magnetic proximity switches for pneumatic cylinders, with Reed switch or Hall effect,

Includes :

Fiber Optic and High Speed Copper Connectivity Solutions
Advanced Interconnect, Inc. joined the Woodhead Industries group of companies in 1990, and FOCS, Inc. joined the group in 1993. In 1994, the two companies are combined into a single organization, AI/FOCS, Inc. This merging significantly improved the ability to fill the needs of customer quickly with premium-quality products. AI develops, manufactures, and sells fiber optic & copper based interconnect solutions and value added modules for OEM in the computers, high data rate networking, data storage, telecommunications, internet hardware, and medical sectors of the electronics industry. In July of 2001, the company name was changed to Advanced Interconnect, Inc.

• Fiber Optic Solutions
• Copper Solutions
Includes :

Electrical products for MRO in harsh environments
Daniel Woodhead® brand includes industrial and heavy duty cable reels as well as anti-static grounding reels. All Daniel Woodhead cable reels are compact, rugged and much reliable, designed for safe, easy use and dependable long-term service. Throughout the world, most industry rely on our products for the highest quality electrical solutions. Since 1922, Woodhead has developed and manufactured innovative products and enhancement coupled with a vast array of standard electrical products. We continue to explore real world solutions with many industries including food processing, petrochem, aerospace, utilities, pulp and paper and automotive manufacturers.

• Wiring Devices
• Cable Grips
• Cord/Cable Reels
• Portable Lighting
• Portable Power
• Pushbuttons, Test Instruments & Electrical Specialties

Includes :

Industrial cable and hose reels, balancers, power distribution bars
Aero-Motive® products are engineered to help solve electrification, fluid handling and tool support problems. They improve productivity and safety in manufacturing, construction and material handling settings. An engineering staff with real world application experience is supported by a tightly run manufacturing operation to consistently bring you the newest and best productivity solutions.

• Balancers, Retractors, Torque Reels
• Hose Reels
• Cord/Cable Reels
• Festoon Systems
• Multi-Conductor Power Bar Systems

Includes :